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NanoVMs is the only production ready unikernel inf...
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Virtualization 2009 EAST MEDIA SPONSORS

AJAXWorld Magazine:

AJAXWorld Magazine is the pre-eminent independent vendor-neutral resource for the fastest growing new segment of the software business: entirely Web-based applications and experiences like Gmail, Google Maps, Live.com, MySpaces, and Flickr. AJAXWorld Magazine recognizes that the next-generation user-centric Web is hurtling toward us and that it's a rich-media future in which AJAX, as the most talked about of all the Rich Internet technologies, is positioned firmly at center stage. AJAXWorld Magazine provides developers, architects, IT managers, and corporate decision makers with comprehensive information and insight into the biggest paradigm shift in website design, development, and deployment since the invention of the World Wide Web fifteen years ago.

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At SYS-CON Media our mission through http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com is to help open the eyes of Enterprise IT professionals to the economics and strategies that utility/cloud computing provides. Cloud computing potentially impacts every aspect of how IT deploys and operates software. It also impacts many aspects of how software is developed/purchased. Cloud Computing Journal is the first and only online source covering the booming market of Cloud Computing for the enterprise, providing key decision makers with how-to articles to improve product efficiency and lower costs by leveraging network and computing resources.

As the publisher, in addition to Cloud Computing Journal, of some of the world s leading i-Technology online sources, such as Virtualization, Journal, SOAWorld Magazine, Web 2.0 Journal, AJAXWorld Magazine, Java Developer s Journal and others, SYS-CON Media delivers to advertising partners the most efficient and highest-performing channels through which to reach their target audience. With a combined readership of over half a million IT professionals, SYS-CON Media has the tools (SYS-CON.TV Internet Video, Webinars and Webcasts) and the experience you need to deliver a message that is cost-effective, striking and unforgettable.

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SYS-CON TV is your complete resource for LIVE i-Technology News and Views about the latest trends.

Toolbox for IT is an online community of professionals who share practical information on IT topics. This community enables anyone to access the collective information of a worldwide audience of experienced professionals, including 28 different knowledge bases ranging from business intelligence to wireless technologies.

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Virtualization Journal

Virtualization is the hottest subject today, triggering dramatic changes in product offerings and business practices to support virtualized operational models. Virtualization Journal covers these breakneck speed developments, including all aspects of the plethora of solutions that’s already emerged as more and more companies turn to virtualization to simplify their IT, fully leverage their existing computing investments and respond faster to changing business demands.
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Virtualization 2008 WEST MEDIA SPONSORS

asp.netPRO Magazine:

asp.netPRO is the premier information resource for the ASP.NET developer community. It teaches by example. By showing valuable programming techniques in action - through real-world apps and code - we help professional software developers build, debug, deploy, and run the next generation of dynamic, distributed Web applications quickly and easily.



Augitaly is the website dedicated to one of the most active Italian usergroups in the field of Adobe-related software. The website has a special permanent section called FlexGala (www.augitaly.com/flexgala) dedicated to the diffusion and exchange of knowledge and experiences in the use of Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR and in the world of the Rich Internet Applications in general. The editorial effort behind this site is strong and targeted at presenting not only conventional articles but also innovative contents in form of videotutorials and live presentations over Adobe Connect. Marco Casario (http://casario.blogs.com), the founder of the portal, gives a permanet contribution to the site's table of contents.

Business Trends Quarterly

Business Trends Quarterly Business Trends Quarterly establishes a dynamic forum where business strategy experts and IT decision-makers unite to analyze existing enterprise systems and challenges from an IT solutions standpoint. BTQ continues to supply senior-level decision-makers with on-demand, real life business experience and leading industry research to address the needs of a diverse and consistently changing marketplace.


BZmedia LLC is a privately held, high-tech media company based in Huntington NY on Long Island's beautiful north shore. BZ Media was founded in 1999 by veterans from Miller Freeman, CMP, IDG, Newsday and Ziff-Davis.


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SYS-CON TV is your complete resource for LIVE i-Technology News and Views about the latest trends.

UserMatter(s) is a magazine focused on creativity and user experience topics made by user experience professionals, rich internet application developers, and creative designers. The magazine can be read in different format: downloading the PDF version, browsing the articles over the web site or consuming the articles on mobile devices (thanks to MobyMobile application www.mobybmobile.com).
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Webgrrls International is a networking organization of professional women who are in or interested in the Internet and technology. Our mission is to encourage women to embrace the Internet and technology and leverage them as tools to help propel their careers forward and help them succeed.

Webgrrls is a forum that is local, regional, national and international where women can gather online and offline. Our purpose for gathering is to share information, ideas, and experiences, to learn new skills, to exchange job and business leads, to find interns or mentors, meet the right people with whom to network, to meet the appropriate contacts to help form businesses and strategic alliances all with the goal to propel our careers and businesses forward.

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Now in its third year, SYS-CON's International Virtualization Conference & Expo series - held in New York, California and Prague - is the leading event covering the booming market of Virtualization for the enterprise. Co-located with our International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, this event will deliver the #1 i-Technology educational and networking opportunity of the year for leading Virtualization technology providers.

Who Should Attend?

CEOs and CTOs, senior architects, project managers, Web programmers, Web designers, technology evangelists, user interface architects, consultants, and anyone looking to stay in front of the latest developments in Virtualization technology!

SYS-CON.TV Coverage of Virtualization Conference

Brian Stevens: The Opening of Virtualization
Jon Wallace: User Environment Management – The Third Layer of the Desktop
Brian Duckering & Ken Berryman: Managing Hybrid Endpoint Environments
Preeti Somal: Game-Changing Technology for Enterprise Cloud and Applications

 Conference Media Sponsor: Virtualization Journal

Virtualization Journal seeks to demystify virtualization and help IT professionals and Data Center Managers to understand fully the benefits of virtualization and to help remove the confusion and provide assistance in comprehending the similarities, differences and how they?re related as well understand more fully the functionality, benefits and challenges of each approach.

Virtualization Conference & Expo 2009 East
All-Star Conference Faculty Speakers Include...








JPMorgan Chase



Nemertes Research

Netronome Systems


Third Brigade




Past Events Archive

Cloud Computing Conference & Expo
2008 West

SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2008 West
Virtualization Conference & Expo 2008 West
AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2008 West
SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2008 East
Virtualization Conference & Expo 2008 East
AJAXWorld 2008 Conference & Expo East
SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West
Virtualization Conference & Expo 2007 West
AJAXWorld 2007 Conference & Expo West

Virtualization Conference Alumni Delegates Represents...

• AccuRev
• Adea Solutions
• Adobe Systems, Inc [3 delegates]
• Aeropostale, Inc
• Aetna
• Akbank Training Center
• American Family Insurance
• American International College
• American Modern Insurance
• Amphion Innovations
• Amplify LLC, Clipmarks [2 delegates]
• Anderson Consulting
• Arrow Electronics [3 delegates]
• Ashcroft Inc
• Athabasca University
• Audatex
• Avanade, Inc.
• Avaya Inc. [5 delegates]
• Azul [2 delegates]
• Backbase [2 delegates]
• Bank of America
• Bank of NY
• Barnes and Noble
• Barnex Investment International Limited
• Bear Stearns [2 delegates]
• Bendel Newspaper Company Limited
• BizInnovative
• Bloomberg [2 delegates]
• BlueBrick Inc.
• BMC Software
• Boeing
• Bottomline Technologies [2 delegates]
• BP
• Broadcom
• CA [2 delegates]
• CalAmp [2 delegates]
• California Department of Social Services
• Cape Clear
• CareFirst, Inc.
• Car-Part.com [2 delegates]
• Centric CRM [4 delegates]
• Chariot Solutions [4 delegates]
• Chordiant Software [2 delegates]
• Cisco Systems [2 delegates]
• Citrix Systems, Inc.
• City of New York
• Cneils
• Comcast [2 delegates]
• Community Connect [2 delegates]
• Composite Software [5 delegates]
• Conservation International [2 delegates]
• Consultant eds / wamventures.com
• Control Module, Inc.
• Corporate Technology Partners
• CorraTech [2 delegates]
• Cortlandt Technology Partners [2 delegates]
• Credit Suisse
• CRIMSONLOGIC PTE LTD [2 delegates]
• Critical Resource Tech
• Crosscheck Networks
• Cyberboom
• Cynergy Systems, Inc. [2 delegates]
• Daeja [3 delegates]
• Darby Technology Ventures
• Data Access, Inc.
• Davis Polk
• Dept. of Defense
• digitalBerth
• Disney Consumer Products
• DoubleClick Inc. [3 delegates]
• e n i c o s
• eBay
• EBS Dealing Resources, Inc. [7 delegates]
• Ecensity
• EMC [2 delegates]
• Emdeon/Vips [4 delegates]
• Enovia MatrixOne [2 delegates]
• Enterprise Soultions [2 delegates]
• Equinox
• E-Tech Solutions
• E-Village b.v. [2 delegates]
• FA Tech Ventures
• Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
• Fidelity Investments [4 delegates]
• Fiorano Software
• Florida Power & Light
• Fordham Univ. / Graduate School of Business
• Forestay
• France Telecom
• Fusion Technologies
• futuretext
• GE Capital
• GEICO [2 delegates]

Cloud Computing Blogs
In other words, VMware’s server density is higher. Boles suggests this means that customers should be “assessing virtualisation on a ‘cost per application’ basis. VM density has a sign
Traditionally, the way people have implemented high availability is by using a high-availability management package like Linux-HA[1], then configure it in detail for each application, file system moun